Russian Hydroelectric Power Plant accident

Industrial Accidents
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Over 70 people were feared dead and an equal number were missing in one of the world’s worst power plant accidents till date. The unfortunate accident occured at Russia’s largest power plant  at  Sayano Shushenskaya in Siberia yesterday. The cause of the accident was not immediately clear although there were early reports of a transformer explosion, a pipeline burst and a turbine explosion. Though all three events occured, it is not clear which one was the root cause. The pipeline was also reportedly undergoing repair work, however this could not be confirmed. Fortunately the dam on which the power plant is sited is supposedly safe, as per local authorities.

The plant lies along the Yenisei river in southern Siberia. At the time of the explosion, large numbers of workers were on site owing to a changeover of shifts. The  power station is the largest hydroelectric plant in Russia, with a capacity of 6,700 megawatts. The plant, which opened in 1978, has a dam which is 242 metres high and more than a kilometre wide.

I don’t know whether you have noticed but the common things that stands out amongst many accidents  are

a) Maintenance work in progress

b) a change of shifts

c) immediate reasons put out by the authorities, which are found to be incorrect and keep changing every day, until the real root cause is agreed upon.

which was also the case in this accident.

See the video below.