Explosion in China while unloading chemicals

Industrial Accidents
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Last week a deadly explosion occured while workers were unloading a lacquer-curing agent from a truck at Jinlan Logistics Town in Lanshan District,  Linyi.

Seven people died immediately and 11 others died of injuries in hospital. Of those 14 were women. In all it required 26 fire engines and 91 firefightersto put out the blaze. It is now learnt that the lacquer contained xylene and butyl acetate, each both inflammable and poisonous.

It is reported that the owner of the logistics company has been detained by authorities in connection with the incident. However not many details were forthcoming about how the accident happened and whether the fatalities were due to the explosion and fire only, or did the toxic materials play any role as well ?

We can only speculate as generally the authorities in China are tight lipped and only once the official report is released, would we know the exact cause.