Combustible Dust Explosions-hidden hazards in industrial manufacturing plants

Dust Explosions
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The US Chemical Safety Board has released an excellent educational video, that shows the hazards that are present in many manufacturing plants, due to accumulated dust. When we think about explosions and fires, we never think that such incidents could be caused solely by dusts. We normally tend to think that such incidents are caused by volatile hydrocarbons and other inflammable chemicals and gases. However the video shows that combustible dust hazards are real and can cause as much damage (perhaps even more), as that can be caused by hydrocarbon or explosive gases. Combustible dusts are present in many manufacturing facilities that do not process hydrocarbons or other inflammable chemicals. Typical examples are coal fired power plants, resin production plants, rubber manufacturing, aluminum metal working plants, yarn processing, food production, wood working as well as the usual suspects “chemical and hydrocarbon processing plants”.

The US Chemical Safety Board has called upon OSHA to come up with a comprehensive regulation that will prevent the occurrence of such incidents. Watch the entire video below to understand how you can prevent such incidents from occurring in your own plants. In fact this video should be made part of mandatory safety training for all industrial workers and other employees. Watch it all below.