Safety Tip-Which is the best one you’ve received?

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As more than half the year has passed us by, it is time to review the safety performance of our plants-as well as the people who run them. It is not just that the plant should run safely without any near misses or accidents; we should also work on keeping it that way for years to come. Towards this lofty goal, many companies have a tradition of rewarding workers and other employees who contribute “safety tips” or “safety suggestions”. These safety tips  are important, not only because they foster a kind of ownership amongst the people who work in the plant, it is also because, generally, a safety tip contributed by a typical worker has been well researched, as he/she is in close proximity to the machines and processes and thus has a very good insight on how to improve safety.

In fact I suspect that most  safety procedures in plants came from such informal observations and research, rather than scholarly studies in universities. I am not saying that university research is unimportant, I am just saying that we should also give more credit to the humble workman who contributes these safety tips and suggestions.

So which was the most useful and insightful safety tip that you have received till date? And which was the best one this year?And did you or your management make use of this useful tip by integrating it into your plant’s  safety procedures?

Please use the Comments section to post for the benefit of our readers and also yourself, as our large section of readers can directly get in touch with you regarding safety tips and tricks, if that is interesting to you.