Safety Guidelines-which ones do you follow?

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We all have several safety guidelines in our plants.  Some are given as top management directives,  some are given out by the local authorities, some by the federal/higher government authorities like OSHA/ other  independent bodies like the US Chemical Safety Board  and some others are plant and process specific only.  Some of these are introduced, only after something goes awry in the process and results in near misses or accidents. Plus, there are several international standards that many companies follow,  in addition to their own plant specific safety guidelines.

So my question to you all is this- Which ones of these do you actually follow? All of them, or only those that you deem necessary? If you do follow all of them, how do you prioritize them? Does anybody audit your plant to check if all these various guidelines are adhered to? Or does nobody bother at all until the point at which an accident or disaster happens and all hell breaks loose? Do you have all of these in a single location where any employee or workman/contractor can access it easily? Is it important to you and your company that these guidelines be stored at a location that is easily accessible to all stakeholders?

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