Yet another Hydrogen Sulfide accident!

Industrial Accidents
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After the recent Total facility gas leak case, this is another one in Texas. A gas supected to contain Hydrogen Sulfide has affected workers at the Tyco plant in North Lubbock. It is not clear if they were wearing any personal protective equipment or not. It is also unclear if they were carrying any portable toxic gas detectors that could detect the presence of Hydrogen Sulfide. These clamp on type personal gas monitors are very useful lifesavers when working in an area that may contain Hydrogen Sulfide. This gas is also referred to simply as H2S (after its chemical formula) and smells like rotten eggs in lower levels of concentration. If one ignores this smell however, the human nose gets desensitized and higher levels do not smell bad at all-they simply knock you down dead-stone dead-you’ll never know what hit you!

It is therefore all the more important that the authorities, especially OSHA insist on workers carrying these little clamp on meters that give off alarms in the presence of H2S gas. These gas monitors may cost just a few hundred dollars each, but they can save hundreds of human lives.