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Miami, July 11– A new version of Abhisam Software’s popular e-learning course on Hazardous Area Instrumentation has been released, which covers all the changes that have taken place in the field of hazardous area instrumentation and control especially those related to IEC standards, ATEX regulations and implementing  Fieldbus in hazardous areas.

This updated training course covers all aspects of Hazardous Area Instruments and Controls, with changes to the IEC standards and ATEX directives fully reflected in the course contents. The original Hazardous Area Instrumentation training course was very well received by engineers and technicians in oil & gas, chemical processing, pulp & paper, power and other industries, as also by engineering consultants, contractors and even regulatory authorities. The updated version of this course is even better than the earlier version. Furthermore, the updated version will be available free of cost, to all customers of Abhisam Software who have purchased the earlier version within the past one year.
This new version of the Hazardous Area Instrumentation training course consists of the following six modules.
1. Basic Concepts
2. Classification (Area Classification, Material Classification and Temperature Classification)
3. Methods of protection (including explosionproof, intrinsic safety, increased safety, pressurization and other methods)
4. Using Fieldbus in hazardous areas (covers entity, FISCO, high power trunk, amongst other topics)
5. Certification and Labeling
6. Inspection and Maintenance

Though the module names are the same as the earlier version, the content has been revised to a great extent. The changes in the IEC standards and the ATEX directives have been included in the relevant modules, so that this course is now all that you need to have for becoming a pro as regards Instrumentation and Control systems in Hazardous Areas. These modules contain several topic pages containing Flash based animations, actual photographs of hazardous area instruments and equipment, rich graphics and easy to understand text, so that the subject becomes very easy to learn. Engineers and technicians who work in the process industries are sometimes intimidated and confused by the array of standards, systems and acronyms that are used by experts in hazardous areas. This course makes it all so very easy to understand that after completing it one can easily apply the various hazardous area concepts and standards to actual workplaces to enhance the safety of assets and people. The course is also available in an online LMS based system which would be ideal for corporations, universities and training institutes, who may wish to train large numbers of people in this subject. All training reports including learner login times, modules accessed, scores obtained on tests and other data can be made available in a spreadsheet for training records and tracking. Learners can also take an online test and qualify for a certificate at no additional charge. As a limited time bonus, Abhisam Software is also giving away a copy of their popular ebook “Practical Guide to Hazardous Area Classification” alongwith this updated course. For more information about the updated course please click here .

The  most interesting aspect is that Abhisam Software says that if somebody has purchased the earlier version of the course within the past one year, then they may be eligible for a FREE upgrade.