BP says oil leak plugged for now

Industrial Accidents
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July 15- BP has said today that the Deepwater Horizon Macondo oil leak has been finally plugged, after almost 87 days of mayhem. BP says that the well is now fully shut-in and no oil is flowing into the Gulf now. This news has been greeted by cautious optimism in the states bordering the Gulf Of Mexico. The oil is being collected by the new cap and the gas is being flared. The BP web site reported that “For the first 12 hours on July 15 (midnight to noon), approximately 5,875 barrels of oil were collected and approximately 3,430 barrels of oil and 22.5 million cubic feet of natural gas were flared”

The stopping of the oil leak has brought cheers to the states that border the Gulf of Mexico, but the news is being treated with cautious optimism. Observers are not sure whether the cap can last and whether the leak has really stopped.

‘I think it is a positive sign,’ President Barack Obama said carefully when asked about the oil flow after he made a statement about Wall Street reform’s passage in the Senate. ‘We’re still in the testing phase. I’ll have more to say about it tomorrow.’

Bobby Jindal, the Governor of Louisiana was also cautious in commenting. He said that he was “cautiously optimistic” about the plugging. But, he said, ‘Work to revitalise our coast won’t be done until our waters and our shores are completely clean and our wildlife, our communities and our coastal industries are 100 percent restored.’

Let us all hope that the new containment cap does its job well and so the task of cleanup can really begin inĀ  earnest.