West Fertilizer plant owner sued for explosion and fire in plant

Industrial Accidents
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April 24, 2013 Waco, Texas– The owner of the West Fertilizer plant that had a deadly explosion and fire last week, that led to something like 14 dead and several injured, is being sued by a person staying in the vicinity, as well as several insurance companies, reports Yahoo news (via Reuters). In the mishap, several homes and an apartment building located in a town close to the plant were flattened.

The lawsuit filed against Adair Grain, Inc (the owner of the plant)  alleges ” negligence in the operation of the facility, creating an unreasonably dangerous condition, which led to the fire and explosion” according to sources. The lawsuit was filed by insurance companies on behalf of individuals, two churches, and businesses including a car dealership and a bakery. Another lawsuit has been filed by an individual who stayed in an apartment complex that was damaged due to the explosion, that led to her losing her belongings and also which caused her physical and emotional injuries, according to the lawsuit.

Investigators from the US Chemical Safety Board have been deployed to the site to investigate the likely cause of the accident.