Tesoro Refinery Fire causes fatalities

Industrial Accidents
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Update: View the latest update on this incident here.

Anacortes,WA April 1, 2010-  Yet another explosion and fire at a Tesoro refinery, this time in Washington State. The company is already under investigation by the Chemical Safety Board for a previous fire in one of its refineries in Salt Lake City.

An explosion and fire at about 12:30 hours was reported at the Anacortes oil refinery of Tesoro that caused three fatalities and four  injuries. The injured are being treated at a Seattle hospital.Residents in the areas near the refinery reported the fire and explosion to local TV stations, who then broke the story. Reports say that the refinery was undergoing routine maintenance of  a Naptha unit when the explosion and fire occured.


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Here is a video of the event

The Tesoro Anacortes refinery fire is the deadliest accident involving production at a U.S. refinery since the BP Texas City explosion on March 23, 2005 in which 15 workers were killed and 180 others injured.

In the past many accidents have taken place in many refinery and petrochemical complexes during maintenance work, that has been reported not only in this blog but at many other news sources. This emphasizes that additional care has to be taken by facilities that are undergoing maintenance activities.