Windows Management Instrumentation- Cybersecurity White Paper released on how to prevent its misuse

Aug 30, 2016– ICS-CERT has informed that a new Whitepaper has been released by the National Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Center that details how Windows Management Instrumentation can be used by attackers to perform system reconnaissance,antivirus and virtual machine (VM) detection, code execution, lateral movement, persistence, and data theft. This whitepaper will show how to […]

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Industrial Network Switch

Cybersecurity Issues with Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley Stratix

June 24, 2016– A new cybersecurity vulnerability has been discovered regarding Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley Stratix industrial networking switches, as reported by the ICS-CERT website. This vulnerability could be exploited remotely and puts Control systems using these switches at risk, unless patched immediately with a Firmware update fix released now. According to Rockwell Automation, the […]

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