Pressure Vessel safety standards-eleven states still don’t believe in the ASME code!

Rants and Raves
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Nov 09, 2009- The US Chemical Safety Board has released a new safety message regarding the safety of pressure vessel. Improperly installed or modified pressure vessels have led to a number of serious chemical accidents. Eleven states still don’t require adherence to the ASME pressure vessel code! ( And we thought that such negilgent behavior was only to be found in the so called “third world” countries).

The CSB urges that all states and localities should adopt this code and related boiler standards; lives will be saved as a result.

It is high time that the CSB be given powers similar to OSHA to ensure compliance of basic standards in chemical manufacturing plants.

Surprisingly, amongst the places that have not yet made the ASME code mandatory is the city of Houston! Shocking, to say the least!!

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