Practical Calculations for Safety Instrumented Systems

Safety Instrumented Systems
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Mumbai, May 01, 2012– Abhisam Software have announced that a new, unique, training workshop “Practical Calculations for Safety Instrumented Systems” was conducted in Mumbai at the Aker Solutions training center in Mumbai on April 23rd and 24th 2012. It was attended by several engineering and safety professionals from engineering consulting companies such as Aker, Toyo and others, as well as by product development engineers from PLC hardware designers, embedded system developers, burner management systems and other individual engineers.

The workshop was led by Dr. Michel Houtermans, who is a leading global authority on Functional Safety and Safety Instrumented Systems. Dr. Houtermans started with relatively simple examples such as SIL verification calculations for redundant safety logic solvers with voting configurations of 1oo2 voting and then 2oo3 voting systems moving on to more complex calculations with instruments & transmitters, logic solvers and final control elements in different kinds of voting configurations. The workshop explained how to use the Markov method of solving these problems with a  Markov software tool. The Markov method is considered difficult to understand by many, but Dr. Houtermans provided a software tool that simplified the calculations to a large extent.

PFD, PFDavg and PFH calculations for high demand (used predominantly in the machinery, automobile and railway industry) as well as low demand systems (that are predominantly used in the process industry) were covered  within two days.

More such workshops are planned in the future. For more details please contact Abhisam directly.