One day training workshop on Hazardous Area Instrumentation

Safety Training
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Mumbai, Nov 08, 2010– Abhisam Software informs us that it is holding a one day training workshop on Hazardous Area Instrumentation, for the first time in the bustling Indian city of Mumbai on 3rd Dec 2010, at Hotel Kohinoor Continental, near the airport. The event, that has arranged leading industry experts as trainers, is a response to a need felt by many Instrument engineers, Control Systems engineers, Automation engineers, Safety engineers and Process engineers to learn all about instrumentation in hazardous areas.

This one day intensive workshop consists of sessions that cover things such as Area Classification, Selection of type of Ex protection, how to inspect explosion protected equipments, how to implement fieldbus in hazardous areas, testing for compliance to international certifications, ATEX, and so on. Everything that you wanted to know about Hazardous Areas but didn’t know whom to ask! Broadly it will cover the following

•    Area & Material Classification

•    Explosion proof design

•    Intrinsic Safety

•    Pressurization & Purging

•    Hazardous Area Standards (IEC & local)

•    Fieldbus in hazardous areas

•    ATEX certifications

•    Inspection of hazardous area equipment

The event location (near the airport) offers interested participants to fly in, attend the event and fly out on the same day.

The event details are posted on the Abhisam Software blog here.

In our opinion, this event should be held in many more locations and not just Mumbai!