Oil Rig Explosion on Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana- several injured

Industrial Accidents
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Oct 16, 2017– An oil rig on Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana exploded a few hours ago, shaking houses in the vicinity. Several people have been reported injured and one is missing. There were some reports of fire and smoke  seen on the lake on Sunday night around 08:20 ET according to Jefferson Parish spokesman Antwan Harris. The explosion took place at a distance of less than two miles from the shore of the lake, which is located north of New Orleans. The cause of the explosion remained unknown, although some reports from the area say that “cleaning chemicals” were the cause. It is not clear if this has resulted in any significant oil spill on the lake.

However, this has again brought to the fore memories of the ghastly accident of the Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico.

On Twitter this was reported by a user

And a another one has posted this video which shows that it is a pretty bad fire….

Stay tuned for more news, right now this is still a developing story.