Nitrogen leak in Georgia plant kills several, many injured

Industrial Accidents
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What happened at the Foundation Foods plant?

A liquid Nitrogen leak at a Georgia poultry products plant has killed six people and injured many more, according to various news reports. The plant, part of the Foundation Food Group, was previously known as Prime Pak Foods and is located on 2076 Memorial Park Dr., Gainesville, Ga. Most fatalities were part of a maintenance and repair crew at the plant.

An OSHA  team is reportedly at the site conducting an incident investigation.

Apparently the leak occurred due to rupture of a liquid Nitrogen line at the plant.

Nitrogen Hazards

As you already know, although Nitrogen is an inert gas, it can be very deadly as it displaces Oxygen in the area and can cause asphyxiation  that can lead to unconsciousness and even death. Nitrogen liquefies under pressure and if the liquid Nitrogen leaks,  it rapidly vaporizes and expands in volume when it comes under atmospheric pressure, growing to about 695 times in volume. Thus it can cover a very large area and lead to people in the surroundings being choked.

Dangers of Nitrogen

For readers of our blog, we had posted an article here about the Dangers of Nitrogen, many years ago. You can read about it here.

This latest incident only reiterates what we have been saying all along- do not underestimate Nitrogen hazards.

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