Dahej Sterling Fire

Major Fire at Chemicals Manufacturing Company in Dahej, Gujarat, India

Industrial Accidents
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Feb 06, 2017- A major fire broke out at a chemicals manufacturing company, Sterling Auxiliaries Pvt Ltd on 1st of Feb, 2017. The incident reportedly occurred at the site when packing of finished organic chemical material N – Methylmorpholine in drums was being done. The fire spread rapidly enough and a major part of the plant has burnt to ashes. People in the nearby villages such as Ambhetha were evacuated to safer locations. They have now started returning, although there were thick fumes of smoke seen coming out of the plant. The following picture has been posted by a Twitter user.

Dahej Sterling Fire

Some of the chemicals that were handled at the site include alcohol, phenol, di-methyl amine, mono methyl amine, ammonia, ethylene oxide and few more. This is not the first time such an incident has happened and the people staying in the surrounding villages in the area say that many such incidents have occurred at various chemical plants that have sprung up in the area.

The below video has been posted on twitter.