Learn the basics of Functional Safety and Safety Integrity Level

Functional Safety Training
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Mumbai, Dec 12, 2011– Abhisam Software informs us that they have arranged a training workshop on Basics of Functional Safety and Safety Integrity Level, in Mumbai, India on 6th Feb 2012. The last such workshop that took place in Sep 2011 was very popular and hence this second workshop has been planned.

There is a lot of curiosity in India about Safety Integrity Level (SIL), Functional Safety and related topics but very little information is available for say, a design engineer who wishes to understand the concept of SIL or for an Instrument vendor who would like to certify his transmitter as “SIL 3” compliant. There are also a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding SIL which is tragic. There is confusion amongst some engineers for example between verification and validation, about what constitutes a Safety Function and whether it is the same thing as an interlock, whether redundancy and voting are the same thing, whether 2003 is better or worse than 1002 and so on….

Local manufacturers are not clear how to get their products certified to SIL and they hence lose out to products of a similar quality, but which have the SIL tag on them.

All these problems and questions will be answered in this information packed one day workshop. Educating participants and fielding various questions will be Dr. Michel Houtermans,  the world’s leading authority on Functional Safety, Safety Instrumented Systems and SIL. Dr. Houtermans will be present in India to carry out a series of workshops and training programs in February and this a good opportunity to meet and understand the following:

  • Introduction to Functional Safety and SIL
  • History of functional safety
  • Industries applying Functional Safety- Case Studies
  • How does SIL affect me, my products and my company?
  • How to determine the SIL level?
  • How to design for SIL?
  • What role does certification play?
  • What is a “SIL study”?
  • Is SIL 3 better than SIL 1? …… and much more.

Interested participants may contact Abhisam Software India office to get the details.

Functional Safety Training