Industrial Cybersecurity Training Course

Industrial Cyber security training now online

Industrial CyberSecurity
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Abhisam informs us that its Industrial Cybersecurity e-learning course is now available online. This course can be taken on a new e-learning portal,, which has a range of free and paid courses. More courses are being added every week. There are free courses, like the one on Hydrogen Sulfide and other popular paid ones from the Abhisam catalog, such as Safety Instrumented Systems and HAZOP.

Industrial Cybersecurity Training Course

This new Industrial Cybersecurity course is an excxellent way to come up to speed with Control System cyber security. In recent years there have been several attacks on Industrial Automation and Control Systems, from various shadowy state and non-state actors. Learn all about this important subject, so that you can protect your Control System (DCS/PLC/SCADA/SIS/etc)  as well as the plant assets that it controls. After the infamous Stuxnet attack that damaged centrifuges at one of Iran’s nuclear processing plants, all plant assets everywhere are vulnerable to these cyber attacks that can not only steal data but can also cause actual physical damage. This means that all plants that have control systems to control their processes must carry out periodic risk assessments that determine how vulnerable they are to such attacks and then take preventive steps to mitigate these risks.

Learn how to do this in this e-learning course that is comprised of text with full voiceover, animations, videos and exercises. You can get more information at

The course consists of the following modules:

  1. Overview of Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS for short)
  2. Basic Concepts of Cybersecurity
  3. IACS Threats, Vulnerabilities and Attacks
  4. IACS Security Standards (including ANSI/ISA/ IEC 62443 series)
  5. Risk Assessment
  6. Case Study
  7. Self Assessment test

Learners can take an online exam and get certified too, to showcase their achievements in understanding this important subject.