Does your plant use HIPPS?

Safety Instrumented Systems
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Miami, Apr 15, 2010– Do you know what HIPPS stands for? Its an acronym for High Integrity Pressure Protection System. Next question-does your plant or facility use such a system? If so, please tell us about your experience-good,bad or ugly. You can use the comments form below to post.

For the uninitiated, HIPPS is a special type of Safety Instrumented System that is used to implement pressure protection. Generally mechanical devices like Safety Relief Valves (SRVs) and Rupture Disks are used to relieve overpressure in equipment. However the performance of these devices is not always reliable. Besides venting out the system’s gases may not be desirable due to environmental reasons. So HIPPS are used. In a typical HIPPS there is a dual redundant(1oo2) or Triple Redundant (1oo3) configuration of pressure transmitters in the pipeline that carries the high pressure (say a gas line) to an equipment that is sought to be protected (say a gas storage vessel).

In case of the traditional system, one would have had rupture disks on the pipeline and possibly SRVs on the vessel to protect it in case the gas pressure exceeded the safe operating pressure of the vessel-however in case of a HIPPS, the pressure transmitters will transmit the overpressure signal within fraction of a second to a SIS logic solver that will trigger the shutdown of the line using quick shutoff valves.

This is shown in the picture below.

For a more detailed study about Safety Instrumented Systems , including HIPPS, download the training course here.

High Integrity Pressure Protection System
High Integrity Pressure Protection System