Head Protection Training Course

Head Protection

Occupational Health and Safety Personal Protective Equipment
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Abhisam have released a slew of new online e-learning courses in the areas of Occupational Health and Safety. These courses include several on using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE for short). These cover head protection, feet protection, body protection, eye and face protection, respiratory protection and a comprehensive PPE course that covers all.

The Head Protection training course is part of this series and can be taken separately or as part of the bundle of PPE courses.

Most regulatory authorities in the US (such as OSHA) require that workers need to be trained in use of appropriate PPE. This course fulfills that need.

The course is a mix of text with full voice over and videos followed by an exam that needs to be passed in order to qualify for the certificate. Here is a snippet of a video from the course.

The course covers the following topics:

1. Standards for head PPE including OSHA 1910.135

2. When is Head PPE necessary?

3. What Head PPE is necessary?

4. How to properly use head protection equipment?

5. Limitations of head PPE.

6. Proper care and maintenance of head PPE

7. Lifespan and disposal of the head personal protective equipment.

At the end of the course, learners can take a small test and on passing, earn a Certificate of Completion, which can be furnished as proof of training. Employers who subscribe to the Enterprise version can also get all detailed training records, for every learner who takes this course, including login time and dates, time spent on each section, test scores and so on, which can be used to demonstrate compliance.
For more information on taking this course please visit https://prettygoodcourses.com/courses/head-ppe/