What is HAZOP


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Miami, Oct 2, 2017– A new video titled “What is HAZOP” has been posted to Youtube on the abhisamsoftware channel. It is interesting because it explains the basic idea and concept of HAZOP (short for Hazard and Operability Study) in an engaging way. It tells the story of Linda, a young engineer who is working on a new grassroots greenfield project by ABC Industries to set up a new hydrocarbons processing plant. She wants to know why the project team has decided to carry out a HAZOP Study at the start of the project. She asks her boss, George, who happens to be the Project Manager about it and then he explains in brief the idea behind HAZOP, the industries where it is used including Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, mining and so on. He also tells her the HAZOP methodology.

He also explains to her the best way to get HAZOP Certified (including getting an electronic badge that can be displayed on places like LinkedIn and Facebook) after undergoing HAZOP Training Online.

Watch the video yourself to see more.