HAZOP Training course

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June 07, 2011 – Abhisam Software has informed that their much awaited training course on HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study) is now released and can be downloaded from the Abhisam Software website. As all of us are aware, HAZOP is the most widely accepted and popular risk assessment technique all over the world. Many governmental and regulatory authorities swear by HAZOP and though it is not mandated by law in most countries, it is de-facto an accepted  technique that is universally used. This makes learning HAZOP a very important goal for anybody wishing to carry out risk assessments related to the process industries, managing the operations of such industries or involved in projects and design activities including engineering in these industries, including Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Power, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage and so on.

Surprisingly however, for years  there were hardly any good resources on HAZOP-one had to refer to either abtruse literature floating around, or  to refer to books that were written ages ago, if you could find them at all! Plus the pain of reading through and then trying to make sense of it in the workplace!

But now there is a much easier option. Simply download the new HAZOP e-learning course from Abhisam Software and you can learn it easily. Full of interactive animations and simulations, it is a wonderful course that makes learning HAZOP a cinch. Also if you take their online test, you also get a Certificate of Achievement.

Since the HAZOP technique is a popular risk assessment technique, it is important to learn for everybody who is involved in risk assessment, safety, risk management and similar areas.


A full trial version is available. Find out more about the HAZOP e-learning course here.

You can watch the full video for HAZOP here