Happy New Year-Safety Resolutions 2009

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Happy New Year to all of you there, who read this blog, subscribe via RSS and post useful comments! The year 2009 will be a watershed year in terms of the economy, our core beliefs, our politics and so many other things. Let us all resolve that we will keep safety uppermost in our list of priorities for the new year and not dilute any norms, standards or benchmarks anywhere-neither in our personal lives nor in our workplaces. For in the end what is safety? It is a means by which we can enjoy our existence on this planet in a manner that does not cause any pain, either to ourselves, our fellow citizens or the environment, which nurtures us.

This is the time when bean counters across the industrial world, those budget trimming bosses, target their sights on what they feel is “too much safety” that is “too costly”. Let us resist these efforts and convince the bean counters that after all, safety does pay and very handsome returns too- but in the long run. Cutting back on safety precautions may yield a few percentage points gain in the short term, but just one major incident, one boom! The next moment, you’re out of business! And possible not in existence anymore to learn any lessons!!

Let us not forget that the present economic mess that we are in, is due to the unbridled risk taking bucanneering tendencies among these same bean counters cousins in the financial sector, which have caused immeasurable misery to all. Had they followed the principles of industrial safety in their own finance field, we would not have been in this mess.