Another Gulf Oil Rig Explosion-Mariner Energy rig accident

Industrial Accidents
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Sep 3, 2010 Houma, La —  Yet another accident at an Oil Rig in the Gulf of Mexico! An oil rig operated by Mariner Energy Inc in shallow water suffered an explosion. About 13 workers had to jump into the sea, from where they were later rescued. No casualties have been reported. This comes as a bad news to the Oil & Gas industry, which is already battling a mortarium on deepwater drilling in the gulf. Now that this latest accident has taken place in shallow waters raises a lot of question marks over the safety of operations in ALL offshore places, shallow or deep. AS of now no oil spill has been reported, but its too early to say.

Recall that when the first reports of the Deepwater Horizon explosion started coming in the spillage reported was “only a few hundred barrels” and slowly it emerged that hundreds of thousands of barrels may have been spilled. Lets cross our fingers and watch this one.