Gas plant explosion in Mexico video

Industrial Accidents
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Jan 11, 2013– The below video was sent to some friends in an email at work and also shared widely on Facebook. The site is apparently a gas gathering and/or processing facility in Mexico in a desert area, but manned. See the ferocity of the gas explosion and how rapidly it spread alongwith the fire and smoke. It really shows the importance of having Functional Safety Systems that work to prevent such accidents as mitigation after the disaster is of no use. The use of Safety Instrumented Systems, Emergency Shutdown Systems, Gas Monitors and detectors, Fire suppression systems, use of explosion protected instruments and equipment can help reduce such accidents drastically.


Thus it is very important to not only use good engineering practices, use the latest standards and practices but also use the best engineers and technicians to design, build and operate your plants. Also it is essential to train them continuously, so that they continue to learn and use these skills in the plants effectively.

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