Gas Leak in Indian pharma facility results in two fatalities

Industrial Accidents
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Hyderabad,  India Dec 21–  A suspected gas leak was reported at a facility operated by Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, a major Indian pharmaceutical manufacturer in Hyderabad. The leak resulted in two fatalities, both of whom were contract workers. Local sources say that an additional four persons were shifted to a local hospital after the incident.

No information was forthcoming from the company officials regarding the incident. Local police are said to be investigating.

Local media reports say that the gas that leaked was Nitrogen, which was inhaled by the workers and caused asphyxiation.

Nitrogen, though an inert gas can be extremely harmful to humans as it tends to displace Oxygen and causes asphyxiation. We had posted on this blog about the dangers of nitrogen, you can read the article here.

Industrial gases can be extremely dangerous if not monitored. However monitoring with gas monitors and gas detectors also requires training in understanding, selection and placement, as well as calibration and maintenance of gas monitors. To do this we recommend an excellent training course on gas monitors. Find out more about it here.