Use Gas Detectors to improve safety-lessons from an industrial accident

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This post shows how easy it can be, to build-in safety into your plant, by using the right kind of gas detector. Continuing our “Case study” series, we show below how a simple gas detector, had it been installed, could have easily prevented a major industrial catastrophe.

The video below show the US Chemical Safety Board accident investigation of an explosion, that rocked the industrial facility of Sterigenics International, Ontario, California. Apparently, among many things that went wrong, one glaring fact that stands out was the non use of gas monitors in the facility. Even a simple gas detector based on catalytic combustion principles, that could have measured hazardous levels of explosive gas, could have prevented the incident.

Gas monitors and gas detectors can be used very effectively in preventing such kinds of accidents, to a large extent. Ignorance about usage can no longer be a reason, since there is an excellent training course on gas detectors now available. This downloadable course on gas monitors, will enable you to understand all about safety concepts like TWA & TLV, different methods of gas detection,  how gas monitors work, how to select and install a gas monitor that works and how to calibrate and maintain them so that they continue to maintain your plant in a safe state.

Well, enough on that, I am sure you will check it out. Meanwhile, here’s the video. Very graphic but also very illuminating. View it and draw your own conclusions. As always, comments are welcome!