Explosion at Kleen plant in Middletown-several fatalities?

Industrial Accidents
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Sunday, Feb07,2010 -Middletown, CT

There was a big explosion and fire at the Kleen power plant in Middletown, Connecticut, that may have had several fatalities. More than 100 divisions of Police, Fire department and other Emergency services were responded to the accident. The injured were being shifted to hospitals and emergency care facilities by helicopters. A search for survivors in the blast rubble at the site is on.

Apparently the plant had not yet opened and was still in the construction phase. People several miles away heard the blast and shockwaves. The gas based power plant had several contractors working on it. An unconfirmed report claimed that a survivor said that he was thrown up 30 feet in the air due to the blast!

The blast was so powerful that it could be heard for several tens of miles in the area surrounding the plant. Residents of Clinton, Prospect, Madison, Deep River, Ivoryton and Durham could feel the impact.

Reporters are not being allowed entry near the site by emergency officials.

Though the cause has not yet identified, it appears to have happened during gas line purging. Ironically just two days ago the CSB has voted to change the codes that apply to this kind of operation, due to the findings in the Conagara Slim Jim blast.


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