Download the Safety Instrumented Systems training demo for free

Safety Instrumented Systems
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Miami,FL Feb 23,2010—- Now you can download the first module of the seven module Safety Instrumented Systems e-learning course that has been recently launched by Abhisam Software, for free. Just visit the Safety Instrumented Systems training page here and near the top you can see a download link below the picture of a box shot.

Simply right click on it and select “Save Target”, it will be downloaded to your computer. It will only work on Windows though, not Mac. And you may need administrative rights to run it if you’re using Vista as it is a program and not just a document file.

The full course consists of seven modules, that are much bigger and more detailed than this one, which is just an introduction to get you started. Since Safety Instrumented Systems are growing in importance every year ( as they help plants comply to more stringent regulations that aim to protect people, the environment and of course assets from damage and destruction) it is a good idea to be updated about how these things work, rather than looking at it as a black box that does “safety”. Learning about SIS in more detail can give you an edge over other professionals who are still ignorant about these newer concepts.

If your plant has hazardous or other processes that require the installation of Safety Instrumented Systems to conform to OSHA and other regulations, or if you wish to comply to other international standards like IEC 61511, etc then this subject is very important to know.

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