Deepwater Horizon Disaster-BP starts containment dome operation

Industrial Accidents
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May 07, 2010 -After the massive oil spill due to BP’s  Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster, today the containment operation began when a large dome was lowered into the sea, to prevent any further oil leaking out of the capped well. The containment dome will be positioned by remotely operated subsea vehicles.

Here’s a video on Youtube showing the operation.

Meanwhile the oil slick has reached Freemason island near the Louisiana coast, much earlier than what the NOAA had predicted. Within the next 72 hours it is also expected to wash ashore on the Alabama coast and the Florida panhandle.

One wonders what will be the final result and impact of this incident, not only on BP, but also the environment in the Gulf of Mexico and the southern states of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida, the efforts of lobbyists to allow the Obama administration to permit offshore drilling and the longterm effects on marine life.