Confined Space Safety Training

Confined Spaces
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Abhisam informs us that they have just released a new Confined Space Safety e-learning course today. This course is their popular XPRTU format, which measn it can be accessed online via any device including a smartphone, tablet, ipad or a standard PC/Mac or laptop. It can also be downloaded and installed on any Windows PC. The Enterprise versions allow organizations to train large numbers of their workers, in a very cost effective manner. Workers can learn this topic on the go without spending a day attending boring classroom sessions. This allows companies to quickly train their workforce and also gives them a way to comply with OSHA norms, since they get a complete training record of all employees who take the course. This is great for proving that they did the training.


The course is a mix of text (with full audio narration), animations, video and self assessment that can be taken before the main certification exam. The course duration is 4 hours  and is available for the learner 24/7 until the subscription is active.

Here is what’s inside.

Introduction To Confined Spaces

  • Definition of Confined space by OSHA
  • Identification of Confined Spaces with examples
  • Why entry in a Confined Space can be dangerous?
  •  Types of Confined spaces
  • Permit Required Confined Spaces (PRCS)
  • Non Permit Required Confined Spaces

Permit Required Confined Spaces

  • PRCS Details
  • Case Study 1:  Incident (Entry without safety precautions)
  • Video
  • Atmospheric Monitoring
  • Alternative Entry Procedures
  • Non Permit Required Confined Spaces-details
  • Real Life Example of a PRCS using a Reactor
  • PRCS– Requirements as per OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146
  • PRCS-Oxygen, Explosivity & Toxicity
  • PRCS- Temperature, Lighting, Moving Parts
  • Development of Procedures
  • Verification
  • Maintenance of Equipment
  • Other Requirements
  • Co-ordination, Cancellation & Reviews
  • Case study 2: Entry with precautions

Hazards of Confined Space

  • Lack of oxygen
  • Fire or explosion
  • Presence of toxic chemicals
  • Moving parts
  • Working conditions

Permit System

  • Permit System Requirements as per OSHA
  • Permit Restrictions
  • Information in the permit-1
  • More Information in the permit
  • Sample Permit (Downloadable)

Training Requirements & Duties

  • Training Requirements as per OSHA
  • Duties of Authorized Entrants as per OSHA
  • Duties of Authorized Attendants as per OSHA
  • Duties of Entry Supervisors as per OSHA
  • Training courses for entrant, attendant and supervisor
  • Site Specific Training Programs

Rescue & Emergency Services

  • Rescue and Emergency Services as per OSHA
  • Outside Rescue Services
  • Response Times
  • Non Entry Rescue

If your company already has an Learning Management System that is based on SCORM or TinCan, then this course can be directly streamed to it.

On successful completion of the course, every learner can take the Abhisam online Certification Exam and get certified, with an electronic certificate and an electronic badge that is authenticated online. This badge is issued via Credly, the largest badge issuer in the world.  To get the course today, please click here.