Channel Tunnel electrical failure-weather blamed as possible cause

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Sun, Dec 20, 2009- Today’s industrial safety incident is not really “industrial” but serves as a good case study for doing HAZOP and other scenario analyses in industries.

In what has been termed the biggest failure of the electrical systems in a major facility like the England-France channel tunnel (chunnel for short),  bad weather is being blamed. However the explanation offered is not very convincing. It seems when the Eurostar trains left a cold France and entered the warmer chunnel, going towards England, moisture condensation kocked out several electrical systems in the trains, leading to complete breakdown.

The reason given seems hardly believable, especially to us who have spent years in factories and industries that run electrical equipment in hot or cold weather 24/7 all around the year. It is difficult for even a gullible lay person to accept this as a valid reason. Are the authorities hiding something? If it is a case of bad engineering design or maintenance, only an independent enquiry will reveal. Overall it is just a sad symptom of how little attention is paid nowadays to good engineering amd maintenance all over the world in recent years.

Meanwhile the public at large continues to suffer as seen below.