Another Boeing incident-Ethiopian Dreamliner 787 catches fire at Heathrow

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July12, 2013- Heathrow, UK– Just as the dust was settling on the Asiana airlines Boeing 777 crash landing incident at San Francisco, comes the news report of another Boeing plane involved in an accident. This time it is an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787, named “Queen of Sheba”  that caught fire at the Heathrow airport at London. Apparently no one was on board, so there may not be any casualty. The fire was promptly extinguished by Heathrow staff. The news however apparently caused the Boeing stock to tank as much as 6%.

The airport was promptly shut down and all arrivals and departures were suspended while the situation was brought under control. It is as yet unclear how a fire started in a parked aircraft.

If readers recollect there were some incidents recently regarding Lithium batteries on the 787 that were responsible for on board fires, after which all 787s were grounded, pending investigation by the FAA. The FAA later cleared the planes to fly but this incident again raises more questions. Details are still sketchy about the exact cause of the fire.